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  • Kusile Power Plant

    The scope includes the preparation for operational readiness, ensuring that the necessary operating, commissioning, handover, maintenance, spares and outage processes of the Kusile Project are aligned and streamlined to suit Eskom's generation environment at handover and commissioning of the Kusile Power Station. This task spans 24 months, requires in excess of 26,000 manhours to complete.


    Ario's scope was to develop, document and establish the establishment National Space Programme with SANSA that gives effect to the objectives of the National Space Strategy as developed by the Department of Science and Technology and approved by Cabinet in 2008. In particular, it is necessary to expand on and provide concrete details on the satellite roadmap outlined in the implementation plan of the National Space Strategy.


    Since its appointment, Ario has had a major impact on the project. Ario has, for example, convinced Necsa of a number of strategic changes in the project and project execution approach which have already benefited the project to a great extent. There is no doubt that Necsa values Ario's input as a strategic and project implementation partner, bringing significant skills and experience to the project.


Ario, your project integrator/Project management specialists

The core business of Ario is the provision of high-level project-related services to corporate clients. Ario's niche is its ability to bridge the gap from technology and engineering to successful project delivery. To date, the track record built up by Ario.

Ario has a number of high-level resources available and has built up a reputation for reliable supply to clients in the fields of project management and/or project engineering and project controls.

Ario offers solid expertise in the implementation of project and engineering technologies. For each project, a quality assurance plan is drawn up according to ISO9001 standards, whilst the task is meticulously executed to conform to the specifications set.

  • Ario Is Experienced

    Ario Is Accomplished

    One of the prime reasons for Ario's success to date has been its ability to combine in-depth project management, delivery and control experience and skills with an integrated client engagement approach.
  • Ario Is Effective

    Ario Is Effective

    Ario leads through a combination of experience, an established delivery methodology and creativity. Through an effective blend of these attributes of tradition and innovation, we ensure each project is meticulously executed on time, on target and on budget.
  • Ario Is At The Ready

    Ario Is At The Ready

    Ario is accustomed to the consulting environment where skills need to be contracted on short durations for urgent purposes. Ario's ability to gear up quickly and deliver on urgent tasks has been demonstrated through the successful delivery of work packages to date.

Top Management

  • Mr Ntsako Mdhluli - Chief Operating Officer

    Ntsako worked at First National Bank (FNB) in both their commercial and retail banking sectors. During his tenure at FNB retail banking he provided support in an advisory role to Excos of FNB Swaziland, FNB Botswana and FNB Lesotho on product alignment, product placement and transactional pricing.

    Prior to his appointment as Chief Operating Officer, Ntsako consulted for Ario on Eskomís Project Tools Programme as part of the Back2Basics drive, being responsible for the basic design of various process control manuals.

    As Arioís Chief Operating Officer, Ntsako is responsible for the operational and financial aspects of the company and liaises with clients to ensure successful project delivery, and identifying future opportunities. Ntsako holds Bachelor of commerce undergraduate and postgraduate degrees from the University of Pretoria in the field of Accounting and Finance.

  • Dr Corrie Ungerer - Chief Project Officer

    Corrie Ungerer has 35 years of experience in Engineering and Project Management, most of it spent in technologically advanced product and plant development.

    During his career, he held many senior management positions in sectors including defense, nuclear, energy and aerospace. Corrie has been employed by Ario since its foundation in 2010 and plays a key supervisory role on most of Arioís larger projects and technologically advanced projects.

    Corrie has a doctorate in engineering and has published a number of papers in leading international journals in the field of control systems design.

  • Dr Andries Putter - Chief Technology Officer

    Andries Putter is a world renowned power electronics expert, having spent his career spanning 30 years on the application of transformer-coupled multilevel inverters, medium voltage variable speed drives and grid storage solutions.

    Andries completed his doctorate in 1992 and has since patented a number of unique power electronics applications, including a cyclo-converter for cost-effective variable speed drives with regen capabilities, series wound DC motor applications, multilevel inverters, DC power supply for data centres and battery management for PV and renewable energy applications.

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