Ario Today

Ario Today

Today, Ario manages a very well-diversified portfolio of projects with a common theme, namely that these projects are typically complex (usually high-tech), in the engineering field and often in regulated environments with a significant demand on SHEQ, formal processes and governance.

Our competitive edge is to an ability to serve our diverse customer base with a unique expertise, spawned from structured project management and engineering processes, but blended with a unique flexibility as required for different sectors and continuously changing in local and global markets.

Core Business

Ario's Core Business

One of the prime reasons for Ario's success and growth over the past number of years has been its ability to combine in-depth project management, engineering and site delivery experience and skills with a very integrated client engagement approach.

Ario is also very accustomed working in partnerships that requires a collaborative effort and a particular focus on interface management, integrated project risk management and joint product delivery. Through an effective blend of these attributes, we ensure our products are meticulously produced and integrated on time, on target and on budget. To date, the track record built up by Ario is the following:

  • Directing projects including planning, costing, contracting and ultimately, project execution and project controls.
  • Project feasibility studies, techno-economic analyses and business case development including the development of project execution strategies and plans.
  • Commercial management, procurement and supplier contract management for and on behalf of clients.
  • System engineering and quality assurance.
  • Executive intervention and project turnaround upon request of specific clients.

Ario employs a number of high-level resources and has built up a reputation for reliable supply to clients in the fields of project management, engineering and project controls.

Business Strategy

Ario's Business Strategy

Ario's business strategy comprises the following components:

  • Leveraging our own intellectual property
  • Strategic partnerships with specialist suppliers on a needs basis
  • Key supplier partnerships with customers
  • Product offering resulting from dedicated developments in niche areas
  • Business diversification
  • Allow our customers to focus on their core business:
    • Focusing on their markets
    • Servicing their customers
    • With Ario as strategic technology and project management partner
  • Efficiency offering to its customers:
    • Successful project delivery
    • Reduce project time scales and cost
    • Reduce project risks.

Business Processes

Ario's Core Business

Ario leads through a combination of experience, an established delivery methodology and creativity. Through an effective blend of these attributes of tradition and innovation, we ensure each project is meticulously executed on time, on target and on budget. Ario offers solid expertise in the implementation of project and engineering technologies. For each project, a quality assurance plan is drawn up according to ISO9001 standards, whilst the task is meticulously executed to conform to the specifications set:

  • ISO9001 QA and CM
  • RD0034
  • ISO14001
  • OHSAS 18001
  • Ario project management and execution processes
  • Ario system development processes
  • Ario software development processes

Our Products

Ario's Core Business

Ario's inverter product range is unique in the world, comprising of a true multi-level topology that offers much higher efficiencies (~95%) than conventional inverters that make use of PWM technology. This inverter configuration also significantly increases reliability and life expectancy significantly.

  • Six-stage multilevel inverter technology
  • Reduces stress on key inverter components
  • Achieves overall efficiency higher than any commercially available system
  • Generates a perfect sinusoidal voltage

Ario's rectifiers are modular and can be scaled from 4kW to 12kW. Our products integrate AC and DC power in a single enclosure, including protection, rectifiers and switch gear.

HR Management

Ario's History

Ario knows that its human resources are its most valuable asset and is committed to:

  • Training
  • Ensuring growth paths for its resources
  • Retaining core skills
  • Motivating its staff and
  • Ensuring that Ario is an employer of choice

Ario's Director

  • Ario Managing Director: Dr Louis Heyns

    Director: Dr Louis Heyns

    Louis started his career in the field of aerospace, employed by Pratt & Whitney in the USA. In 1987, he moved back to South Africa and joined LIW where he worked as a systems engineer and headed up the control systems department.

    Louis joined IST in 1991 as a project manager (IST listed in 1998 as IST Group Ltd) and served on IST’s Executive Committee from 1997 to 2002 in the position as Group Commercial Director.

    In 2003, he accepted a position in PBMR’s Executive Committee as General Manager (Commercial). He was promoted to General Manager (Projects) in 2007 and served on PBMR’s Exco until 2010.

    Louis started Ario directly after he left PBMR in 2010.


    B.Eng. (Mechanical) (University of Stellenbosch, 1982-1985)
    M.Eng. (Electrical and Electronic) (University of Johannesburg, Jan 1989 - Nov 1989)
    Ph.D. (Electronic Engineering) (University of Pretoria, 1992-1993)
    MBA (University of Pretoria, Graduate School of Management, 1994-1997)

Ario Staff

  • Ario Staff