Three-Phase Grid-Tied and Off-Grid Storage Inverter

Integrated Solution | Easy Installation | Reliable Power


MEtaPower Battery30 is a complete storage inverter solution with built-in DC earth leakage protection for easy installation.

The MEtaPower Battery30 is a 30kW inverter that charges the battery from the grid. The inverter can oper-ate as a Grid tied inverter or an Off-grid inverter in the same installation.

Key Features

  • All-in-one wall mounted modern design
  • Full hybrid inverter with neutral control
  • Easy to install
  • AC Surge protection built-in
  • Concurrent battery charger and inverter
  • Charges batteries from the grid
  • Cost effective
  • Internet connection for easy configuration
  • Remote monitoring
  • Parallel multiple inverters onto the grid


Parallel installation - MEtaPower Hybrid30 or MEtaPower Battery30

MEtaPower Inverters are easy to parallel onto the grid to expand the capacity of the installation.

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MEtaPower Battery30 Brochure