Three-Phase Grid-Connected Inverter For Reliable Renewable Enery Systems

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The MEtaPower Turbine Inverter is a three-phase grid-connected inverter with two or more Variable Speed Drives to optimally harvest the energy in tidal wave, wind or hydro turbine applications. Fully qualified options for land based or off-shore installations.

Optional Multi-Level Variable Speed Drive for medium voltage applications

Key Features

  • Wide application range
  • Adaptable for turbine characteristics of the installation
  • Suitable for offshore application e.g. Tidal turbine
  • Suitable for onshore/offshore applications e.g. Tidal turbine farm
  • Suitable for onshore applications e.g. Wind farm
  • Integration with other renewable energy sources
  • Fault Tolerance Protection
  • Bi-directional power flow
  • Modbus control
  • Remote monitoring
  • Grid/Generator side contactor
  • Integrated Braking-chopper and resistor
  • Modular Design for custom systems
  • MPPT for optimal energy harvesting

Application diagram - Offshore Tidal Turbine installation with AC cable to shore

Farm application Local VSD; DC bus to Grid-tied Inverter;

Physical dimensions Inverter / Multi-level Variable Speed Drive

Physical dimensions Variable Speed Drive

Technical specification: Turbine Inverter; Variable Speed Drive; Multi-level Variable Speed Drive.

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