The VERSA IPS2 integrates all the elements necessary to provide reliable power to a Telco site, including rectifiers, batteries, PV regulators, Diesel Generator/Grid Auto Transfer Switch, distribution board with AC and DC circuit breakers, as well as a control and monitoring system.

A Control and Monitoring system is integrated with the VERSA IPS2. It includes an array of environmental monitoring functions such as temperature, smoke detection and access control.

The VERSA IPS2 includes Battery charge control, complete Diesel Generator control and monitoring functions and the option of Diesel Generator Optimisation.


Rectifiers In Production Rectifier - End Product


Ario has delivered the first of its production rectifiers to Neotel for on-site testing. Ario is expecting a production order for rectifiers and is currently gearing up with production resources and additional facilities to produce these products.


Our brochure describes our Rectifiers in more detail.