Meta Power

Ario's range of power electronic products and technologies includes Rectifiers, Inverters, Diesel Generator Optimisation Technologies, Power Factor Correctors and Soft Starters. These products and technologies are combined into Ario's innovative Meta Power solutions for a variety of Solar Generator offerings including Micro and Mini-Grid, Diesel Generator Optimisation Packages, Grid Stabilisation and Hybrid Power Conversion and Control.


The VERSA IPS2 integrates all the elements necessary to provide reliable power to a Telco site, including rectifiers, batteries, PV regulators, Diesel Generator/Grid Auto Transfer Switch, distribution board with AC and DC circuit breakers, as well as a control and monitoring system.

A Control and Monitoring system is integrated with the VERSA IPS2. It includes an array of environmental monitoring functions such as temperature, smoke detection and access control.

The VERSA IPS2 includes Battery charge control, complete Diesel Generator control and monitoring functions and the option of Diesel Generator Optimisation.


Rectifiers In Production Rectifiers Being Tested Rectifier - End Product


Ario has delivered the first of its production rectifiers to Neotel for on-site testing. Ario is expecting a production order for rectifiers and is currently gearing up with production resources and additional facilities to produce these products.


Our brochure describes our Rectifiers in more detail.

String Inverter

The DC input is provided by two back-to-back Photo Voltaic (PV) string inputs providing nominally 2kVdc. Output Voltage is adjustable between 400Vac and 600Vac.

The Ario String Inverter features an advanced closed loop Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) algorithm for improved solar energy harvesting, as well as the Ario's unique multilevel inverter technology that reduces losses and increases efficiency. The Ario String Inverter generates a perfect sinusoidal output voltage that eliminates the need for a conventional output filter. This results in a dramatic reduction in switching losses and extends the life of the inverter by up to three times.

The Ario String Inverter combines established technology with innovative design to provide an economical solar solution with increased reliability and vastly reduced life cycle costs.


Our brochure describes our String Inverters in more detail.

Central Inverter

The Central Inverter uses the innovative Ario multi-level technology (patent-pending) to provide the highest efficiency and reliability with a long service life. Its technology makes the inverter suitable for extreme conditions. The Ario Central Inverter is available in customised configurations to suit the application.

The Central Inverter is a 3 x 750kW (2.125MW) three-phase inverter that connects directly to the Medium Voltage Network at up to 33kV.

In solar applications, the maximum input voltage is 2kV DC and connected such that the typical 1kV panel maximum voltage is not exceeded. The Ario Central Inverters are easy to parallel to be compatible with solar farms of varying sizes.

The Ario Central Inverter can also be configured for standby functionality to do grid-forming in peaking and standby plants. These units can be paralleled to tens of megawatts.

The Remote Monitoring capability provides the client with peace of mind that the system is functional and operating optimally.

Unique configurations tailored for the end-user requirements are available on request.


Our brochure describes our Central Inverters in more detail.

Off-Grid Inverter

The Ario Off-Grid Inverter is a modular and configurable single phase inverter. The basic unit is rated at 20kVA with an output that can be configured as 230Vac 50Hz or 110Vac 60Hz.

The Ario PV Regulator implements Maximum Point Power Tracking (MPPT) on multiple Photo Voltaic (PV) string inputs that allows for optimal energy harvesting from the available PV Panels. This is combined with the unique Ario multilevel inverter technology which reduces switching losses (patent pending), increases efficiency as well as life expectancy and reliabilty, making the Ario Off-Grid Inverter far more efficient than current state-of-the-art inverter technologies. This combination of innovative design and technology ensures that the Ario Off-Grid Inverter is the most cost effective Solar Power Inverter solution over the life cycle of the installation.

The Ario Off-Grid Inverter is a complete integrated solution that simplifies deployment and ensures that the user has peace of mind with a single point of responsibility for the complete installation.


Our brochure describes our Off-Grid Inverters in more detail.

Low Pressure DGOPT

The Ario DGOpt service extension package decreases a generator engine's maintenance intervals from the 250 hours normally specified by Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to 2000 hours.

The standard DGOpt systems are configured for engines larger than 500kW and smaller than 40kW. A customised package is available for engines between 40 and 500kW. The configuration of the customized package depends on the application.

The DGOpt service extension package includes by-pass oil filtration, fuel conditioning and a reserve oil capacity to ensure a service interval of 2000 hours. The 500kW product is controlled by a Mitsubishi PLC that allows for complete engine, generator and DGOpt measurement and evaluation with remote monitoring capability.

The by-pass oil filter system is specified for each engine size and Application. It removes 99% of 3-micron solid contaminates to a concentration less than 100 ppm and removes water sludge, resins and soot.

The engine fuel conditioning unit incorporates a heavy-duty, high capacity water separation and fuel filtration system. The filter protects precision engine components from dirt, rust, algae, and especially water, which is prevalent in engine fuels. It removes contaminants from fuel through a three-stage process:

(1) Separation: Occurs in the centrifuge and spins off large solids and water droplets that fall in the collection bowl.
(2) Coalescing: Small water droplets collect on the surface of the conical baffle, to combine and fall to the bottom of the collection bowl.
(3) Filtration: The filter cartridge repels water and removes contaminants from fuel down to 2-micron

The DGOpt service extension package includes a reverse oil capacity that is supplied to the engine to maintain the lubricant to the desired and functional specification.


Our brochure describes our Diesel Generator Optimization in more detail.

Low Power Soft Starter

The MCT-0A-02 is a ready to use three phase soft starter and is suitable for a range of applications.

The soft starter operating current is up to 16Amp and the starting current is 40Arms or lower.

The MCT-0A-02 controls two of the three phases making it a cost-effective option. Reverse Voltage protection is included.

The MCT-02 also incorporates induction motor thermal protection curves, that is factory programmed, with a selection of either Class2, Class5, Class10, Class20 or Class30.

The MCT-02 incorporates pre-start short circuit detection and protection, as well as an absolute current limit during starting.

The starting current limit is 40Amp rms


Our brochure describes our Low Power Soft Starter in more detail.


The Ario Microgrid is a complete standalone 20kW power solution for a small community, providing power for up to twenty houses or a rural clinic, school or shop. The Microgrid is factory pre-built and delivered in a shipping container as a ready-made assembly package that can be erected and maintained by local contractors. Field installation and deployment is quick and easy with very little environmental impact.

The Microgrid uses Ario's String Inverter with built-in safety features: Short Circuit protection, Overload protection, Auto De-rating at high temperature, DC and AC Surge protection and an Isolation Transformer on the output. Battery storage can be added to the Microgrid to extend the power supply into the night. Diesel, Gas or Dual Fuel Generators can also be added as backup power supply during night time or when solar irradiation is not sufficient. The Microgrid makes provision for optional remote monitoring that allows for timeous maintenance and detection of faults or irregularities such as PV panels or batteries being removed or not functional.

The Microgrid can be expanded to form part of a Mini-Grid when the community grows and demand increases.


Our brochure describes our Microgrid in more detail.


Ario's String Inverters allow Microgrids to be connected in parallel via distribution transformers to form a 3.3kV distribution network or Mini-Grid. The Microgrid Inverters in the Mini-Grid are all synchronised to make the Mini-Grid work.

Mini-Grids have the added advantage of being more stable, with many distributed solar generators and many users to spread the load more evenly.


Our brochure describes our Mini-Grid in more detail.

Inverter Technology

It is well acknowledged in the inverter industry that the current PWM inverter technology is reaching the end of its life and is being replaced with multilevel inverter technology. Many companies offer some form of hybrid (PWM combined with multilevel inverter technology), but we are offering a unique and full multilevel inverter technology.

Our multilevel inverter technology uses a six-stage multilevel inverter technology, with a total of 364 levels to produce a perfect sinusoidal output voltage, whereas most inverters on the market today offer in the region of 9 levels. With 9 levels the output voltage of the inverter is still far from sinusoidal, and requires filtering to produce an acceptable sinusoidal output voltage. These filter components add cost, volume and weight to the system. With Ario's Versa configuration, the benefit of eliminating these filter components is significant.

The use of Ario's multilevel inverter technology reduces the stresses on key inverter components, thus increasing the life expectancy when compared with PWM or hybrid multilevel inverter technology.

The Ario multilevel inverter technology has the further advantage of achieving an overall inverter transformer efficiency that is higher than with the current commercially available systems. Although it is the market tendency to quote extremely high inverter efficiencies, this is NOT the full picture. The transformers and low pass filter losses are normally left out of these high efficiency figures. The high overall efficiency achieved by the Ario multilevel inverter leads to lower losses, increased life expectancy, reduced sizes, and reduced cooling requirements, all of which has direct monetary and commercial advantages.

Perfect Sinusoidal

This unique inverter topology generates a perfect sinusoidal voltage at the output of the inverter, as shown in the photo of the measured output on the right:

Ario was contracted by Resolution Circle to develop 32kW multi-level inverters for microgrid applications. To the right is a picture of the inverter stacks that have been assembled for Resolution Circle. The final inverter products are currently being integrated and will be delivered in April.


Grid-Tied Inverter Specification Sheet

Input (DC)
Maximum DC power 3.8MWe
Open circuit DC voltage 1000Vdc
Operating range 700Vdc to 900Vdc
Maximum DC current per inverter 3500Adc
DC current ripple < 5%
Output (AC)
Nominal AC voltage 11kV + 10% / -30%
Connection 3-Phase
Operating frequency 50Hz 1%
Output current per phase 3.5MWe
Total operating power 10.5MWe
120% for 10 sec
150% for 1 sec
Power factor > 0.99
AC current harmonic distortion < 1%
AC voltage ripple < 1% (peak to peak)
Maximum efficiency 96%
Input (DC) Side
Ground fault
Output (AC) Side
Overload protection
Over current protection
Under/Over voltage
Over/Under frequency
Grid Interface
Reactive/Active power regulation
Power factor control
Voltage ride through
Frequency ride through
Overtemperature protection
System Monitoring And Control
Ambient temperature
Inverter heat sink temperatures
Transformer temperatures
Encloser internal temperature
Ambient humidity
Eclosure humidity
Battery string voltage, Current, Power and energy (class 1 meter)
Inverter output voltage, current, Power and energy (class 1 meter)
Communication Interfaces
User Interfaces
LCD Panel
Analogue meters (voltage, current)
Remote monitoring Ethernet SNMP
Low voltage directive: IEC 2006/9SEC (EN50178)
EMC Directive: IEC 2004/108/EC (EN6100-6-2, EN55011)
Forced air cooling with active cooling assist
Inspection Visit Report