Project Expertise


Ario's list of project delivery capabilities is based on our track record in the development, design, construction and commissioning of industrial, nuclear, defence and plant type projects. Each of these capabilities are needed to perform tasks to the satisfaction of our clients.

These capabilities are like gears; Without the one the other simply will not work.



Portfolio Management

Management of EPCM project portfolios

Programme Management

Management of EPCM project programmes

Project Management

Management of EPCM projects

Project Deliverable Integration Management

Planning and management of all deliverables (work, documents, designs, databases, 3D models, etc.) on an EPCM project

PLP management, including FEL of projects

Management of progress and handover of all deliverables

Includes and facilitate EPCM Project Integration Management

Planning & Schedule Management

Management and development of project schedules

Cost Management

Management of project costs & current project performance, predict future project performance

Development of Cost to Completion models

Development of project estimates

Quantity Surveying and measuring

Risk Management

Quantitative and Qualitative Risk Management at EPCM Portfolio, Programme & Project levels

Quality Management

Quality Assurance & Quality Control

Project Sourcing and Contracting

Project procurement (including RFIs, RFPs, contract adjudication, negotiation & placement)

Project logistical management

Projects Contract Management

Management and administration of project contracts once placed

Management of contracted deliverables (main process Project Deliverable Integration Management)

Financial Management

Management of financial planning per financial year, transacting and reporting on a project.Provides input to the securing of project funding and payment of financial liabilities

Engineering & Design Management

Management of engineering deliverables & engineering work

Management of engineering design, including for example the development of specifications, 3D models, equipment datasheet, design drawings

Site Management

Management of the site security and site auxiliary services

Management of labour forces (industrial relations) and wage bureaus

Management of construction village

Construction Management

Planning & management of the construction work

Construction scheduling & constructability reviews

Management of the construction site, construction materials and equipment

Commissioning Management

Planning, management and delivery of cold and hot commissioning

Configuration, Document and Data Management

Management of all the project deliverables (data, documents, etc.) in terms of the relationship to the Plant Breakdown Structure

Management of project master data and project structures (CBS, WBS, PBS)

Health, Environmental and Safety Management

Management of environmental, health and safety work

Regulatory & Permitting Management

Management of all regulatory and permitting processes (e.g. access to work permits)

Communications Management

Management of communication to all relevant stakeholder internal and external to the project

Knowledge Management

Management of the gathering, assessment and publication of learnings (lessons learned) & improvements

Integrated Resource Management

Management of all human resources (specifying, acquiring, development, mobilisation & demobilisation)

Monitoring, Assurance & Reporting

Management and delivery of oversight, assurance, monitoring and reporting work

Client Engagement Methodology

Ario Client Engagement Methodology

One of the prime reasons for Ario's success to date has been its ability to combine in-depth project management, delivery and control experience and skills with an integrated client engagement approach. Ario's client engagement methodology is not to enforce its own project practices and working methodologies onto its clients, but rather to enhance the existing systems and processes already established by its clients.

Ario's resources are very comfortable to apply the basic principles of project management and controls within any system and specific client requirements, where it is required to provide resources to site, or to perform work in the client's office environment.

Examples of such engagements are:

  • Ario has worked within the project control methodologies of SABS, including its project software, processes, execution methodology and templates. Ario contributed significantly to implement these systems and put them successfully into operation.
  • Ario performed project control on the SAFARI replacement project for Necsa on their financial system (Solomon) and implemented budget and cost control on these Necsa systems.
  • Ario performed system engineering services for Carl Zeiss Optronics (a German-owned company) within the templates, detail requirements and systems of Carl Zeiss.
  • Ario advised Necsa on the specific project control governance framework and wrote the delegation of authority specific to the project for Necsa.
  • Ario has been appointed by Eskom on a number of orders, amongst other to establish project management processes and systems, support Eskom in the management of its projects and train Eskom and training Eskom resources on project management processes, systems and methodologies. All Eskom work is performed within the process control methods of Eskom.


Ario's Skills

Ario can supply Skill sets in diverse engineering fields Core to our business:

  • Programme and Project Management
  • Commercial Management
  • Large procurements, commercial processes
  • Engineering (mechanical, electrical, civil and structural)
  • Control systems, commissioning, system engineering, plant specifications, design, engineering processes
  • Project Services
  • Estimating, planning, project management systems
  • Safety, Health, Environment, Quality
  • Construction Management
  • Quantity Surveying
  • Risk assessment
  • Executive management and high-level consulting (business improvement, turnarounds, strategic management, business cases)

Ario is accustomed to the consulting environment where skills need to be contracted on short durations for urgent purposes. Ario's ability to gear up quickly and deliver on urgent tasks has been demonstrated through the successful delivery of work packages to date. Through Ario's own staff and far reaching network of corporate partners and professional associates, we can provide scalable solutions for any size of project.